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An economical alternative to plastic for harvesting produce. This lighterweight mesh comes in a 200 meter long sleeve that can be cut to length and closed with an overhand knot or used on a industrial clipping machine for larger producers and packers. 

($0.10/ft) (1 sleeve = 200 meters, roughly 656 ft)


Looking for a bag for shellfish? We recommend using our stronger Ocean Harvest Bag which we find handles shellfish better than this lighter weight Produce mesh. 


Want to try before you buy? Select "Sample" from the drop down and we will send a six foot section of sleeve ASAP. Limit of two samples per customer. 


Please allow up to two days for shipment. 

Produce Mesh Sleeve

  • The Beechwood fiber used in the production of this netting was sustainably harvested from thinning of PEFC/FSC controlled and/or certified beechwood forests in Austria and neighboring countries.  In being fully biodegradable this innovative netting is a perfect solution for working to remove single use plastics from the produce distribution waste stream.


    OK HOME Compost

    OK Industrial Compost 

    OK Biodegradable Soil, Marine, and Water

    Oeko-Tex standard

    Food safety assessment

    Color-fastness tested


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