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Pre-clipped and cut bags for grab and go!  


Custom lengths available! Happy to send samples of custom lengths to ensure the correct size. 


This mesh bag has all of the same earth friendly attributes of our Ocean Harvest Bag  and Produce Mesh, just pre-cut and clipped. Food safe, color fast, and breaks down in home compost in 8-12 weeks! Just be sure to cut the metal clip off before tossing in your compost pile. 

Pre-cut Produce Bag

  • The Beechwood fiber used in the production of this netting was sustainably harvested from thinning of PEFC/FSC controlled and/or certified beechwood forests in Austria and neighboring countries.  In being fully biodegradable this innovative netting is a perfect solution for working to remove single use plastics from the shellfish distribution waste stream.


    OK HOME Compost

    OK Industrial Compost 

    OK Biodegradable Soil, Marine, and Water

    Oeko-Tex standard

    Food safety assessment

    Color-fastness tested



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